Investment approach

J2Z Group provides investors access to property investments. Opportunities are presented individually offering access to a diversified, income-producing, appreciation, and tax-efficient real estate portfolio. Our disciplined and conservative investment approach, reporting, and extensive underwriting provides investors with a clear and easy to understand real estate portfolio.


J2Z Group buys properties located in areas with strong economic growth, good structural conditions with a value-add component. By correcting the deficiencies, making cosmetic and management improvements, or improving property standards we are able to increase the net operating income (NOI) of the property creating substantial cash flow and appreciation. In doing so we create a safe, clean, accepting environment that our tenants are proud to work or live in. A typical project requires a 6 to 12 month turnaround period to make physical improvements, upgrade the tenant base, increase rents, and/or reduce expenses. After repairs, cash flow improves significantly and appreciation begins to increase. Once improvements have been made and the property is stabilized then the property is refinanced or sold. The entirety of the process takes between 3 to 5 years.

Investing with us

J2Z Group is a privately held investment firm and our offerings are made under Regulation D, Rule 506 exemption from Federal Securities Registration. We accept investments from accredited U.S. investors and, unaccredited but, sophisticated investors with whom we have an established pre-existing relationship. To be an accredited investor they are screened by our company and if they are verified to be a known qualified investor, we can provide a deal sheet with detailed facts and financials for each specific property available. Please contact us for details and assistance.

IRA investors

We can provide assistance to investors who wish to use their IRA’s to make tax-deferred real estate investments. Using a self-directed IRA, you can now make direct property investments in your tax deferred account. Please contact us for details and assistance.